World-famous expert in the production of casting machines for artisan confectionery.


Since 1987 Mimac has specialised in the production of casting machines for cookies and artisanal pastry. Its development immediately focused on implementing electronic systems to increase ease of use and versatility. A feature that customers can find in more than 70 types of machinery, made with great flexibility to meet the most diverse production needs.

  • 30 years of experience
  • 70 types of machinery
  • 90% of sales abroad

Present and future in the Group

The versatility of the solutions is guaranteed by continuous research and technological innovation, as well as by the internal development of hardware and software. In fact, every phase of the construction of the machinery is internally carried out: from the design to the manufacturing of the individual components, up to the building of the plant and its testing. Thanks to continuous research and innovation, Mimac can expand into foreign markets, thus affirming the quality of Made in Italy.

The focus of Mimac on the pastry and artisanal sector makes TP Food Group's offer even more cross-cutting, while the group's specialisations, spaces and skills allow the company to further enter the industrial sector.


  • Flexibility
  • Leader in the range of products for medium-sized confectioners
  • Best value for money in Italy
  • Ease of use thanks to the electronic interface
  • Made in Italy, a country recognised as the undisputed leader in the sector