Long-term production focus on industrial fryers, in particular for doughnuts and krapfens.


Tecnofryer produces industrial fryers for various sectors, for the production of doughnuts, peanuts or breaded products, focusing on the confectionery market, especially doughnuts and krapfen. Tecnofryer machines are also designed to reduce maintenance time and above all machine cleaning.

  • 30 professionals
  • Ten-year experience

Present and future in the Group

The constant technical innovation coincides with the growing demand for higher productivity with lower energy costs, and the useful life of frying oil extended to the maximum.

Continuous innovation focuses on functional improvements, such as the constant elimination of residues from the bottom of the machine during the frying phase; minimal thermal difference between the heat source and the required frying temperature thanks to the diathermic oil exchanger immersed in the frying tank; increased response rate and temperature regulation and maintaining the frying oil as static as possible.

Thanks to its electronically-managed fryers, Tecnofryer makes it possible to complete the Group's production lines not only for customers in the bakery industry, but also for the most diversified food sectors, such as meat, fish, breaded products, snacks and peanuts, including pet food.


  • Flexibility
  • An exclusive and customised design
  • Inclusion of standard machines to reduce costs
  • Reduced maintenance and cleaning time
  • Lower Energy Costs
  • The prolonged useful life of frying oil
  • Precise frying level control
  • Automatic filling, emptying and self-cleaning system
  • Electronic temperature management with modulating valves