A specialist in various stages of food processing: freezing, cooling, pasteurisation, leavening, cooking and handling.


Since 1980 the company’s activity has focused on the design, production and installation of machinery for treating and processing food products. The company started in Padua and is now present all over the world.

  • 40 years
  • +4,800 plants built
  • 85% of sales abroad
  • 10% of turnover invested in research and development

Present and future in the Group

Conveyor belts, plants and complete lines

Today Tecnopool is one of the leading international manufacturers of conveyor belts, systems and complete lines for the heat treatment of foods and the industrial automation, aimed in particular at the bakery and bakery products sector.


  • Custom designed and built systems
  • Test room available to our customers
  • Energy efficiency with savings up to 20%
  • 24/7 post-sales assistance
  • Fast and worldwide maintenance operations
  • Internal planning, design and production
  • Punctuality with delivery time reduced up to -50% compared to the average

The spiral

The heart of the Tecnopool solution is the patented spiral system, first with the Anaconda system and now with the T-Worth conveyor, suitable for food transport and processing at any temperature: from food cooking to cooling to freezing. The conveyor belt features uniform sliding, transport speed, easy and low maintenance. The spiral is one of the distinctive features of the company, which is, however, always open to new and different solutions to offer the best response to customers' food production needs.

The spiral system is the cornerstone of our integration: flexible and modular, it is suitable for transport, cooking and cooling, up to the freezing phase of food products. It adapts to all the processing stages, thus allowing the Group to offer total support to its customers.

T-Worth: innovation always in motion

The T-Worth is always at the core of our solutions. A patented system entirely made in our factory, a stainless steel belt with pads and guide rails in plastic material that guarantees long-lasting resistance without wear.

A new concept for transporting food at all stages of the production cycle, which solves lubrication problems, improves hygienic conditions and ensures concrete advantages.

Ease of sliding
The coupling of sliding blocks and sliding profile in self-lubricating plastic material allows for friction to be reduced to a minimum.

Conveying speed
The drive unit and sliding systems allow for speed of over 30 meters per minute to be reached.

Easy and reduced maintenance
Maintenance operations are limited to the single drive unit and are made simpler and faster thanks to a patented coupling and release system for the drive unit wheels.

Easy cleaning
The special construction system of the belt makes every part of the spiral easily reachable, guaranteeing the high hygiene and health standards required in the food industry.