Our values

In addition to skills and experience, the Group companies share the values that sustain the quality of our solutions.


An approach based on collaboration and the exchange of ideas, starting from the design phase and culminating with the construction of the plant, which meets customers’ needs.


Decades of experience and thousands of systems designed, developed and installed worldwide. A longevity that translates into strength and quality as recognised by our customers.


The union of leading companies in the sector also results in the optimisation of the design, development and creation phases, allowing us to offer you perfectly integrated solutions for both industrial and semi-artisanal machinery and complete lines.

Energy efficiency

Efficiency is one of our priorities as a Group, together with the reduction of production costs and respect for the environment. The innovative technologies that we provide offer up to 20% in energy savings, always guaranteeing high-quality products.


We use renewable energy sources for internal energy needs. The attention to the environment starts with innovation: with a new 400-kilowatt photovoltaic system, the Group is able to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and harmful substances during the manufacturing process.