The creation of Tp Food Group

The creation of Tp Food Group

The best innovation comes from the union of skills, intuitions and excellence.
Tp Food Group is born

The creation of Tp Food Group

6 industry leading companies have decided to combine their specific skills in food processing to offer even more complete, cross-cutting and integrated solutions.

Thus they created TP Food Group, which maintains the flexibility, the innovative drive, the efficiency and the mission of the founding companies: listening to the customer to offer the most efficient solutions to adapt to their needs.

Reliability and expertise are combined with an international support network present on the main global markets.

Our name

TP summarises the group’s promise: Total Processing.

A food processing that is total because it is born from the integration of specialisations and technologies and because it takes place with machinery and lines suitable for all phases and types of food and bakery products manufacturing, both on an industrial and semi-artisanal level.

Our mission

The best integrated and tailored solution.

At TP Food Group, we start by listening and understanding all the needs in terms of space, configuration and type of process, to guarantee the best possible solution.

The best solution because it is tailored, and thus specifically developed for your project and to reach your goals.

The best solution because it is developed with flexibility, reliability and innovation.

The Group companies

The Group companies